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MBA em MBA in Agribusiness
MBA in Agribusiness 18X R$ 590
Enrollment fee R$ 100
START DATE: 17/04/2019
GRADUATE DEGREE: University of São Paulo (USP)
About us

The MBA USP/Esalq courses bring the excellence and the educational tradition of one of the best universities in Brazil. Located in Piracicaba, in the State of São Paulo, USP/Esalq is the 52nd best university in the world in the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities 2018, which the Undergraduate Degree in Agricultural Engineering is considered the 5th best in the world.

The MBA USP/Esalq International students can watch the live classes from wherever they want with simultaneous English and Spanish translation, access the complementary content, recorded classes, slides, and quizzes in a completely digital way. The MBA USP/Esalq has arrived in your country!

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The MBA in School Management stands out because of the immersion in the experience and daily practice of schools routine. The course is aimed at training the professional skills of the 21st century school manager.

School Management

Our excelence is in the relationship with the students, our professors and the material provided, which is always complete. Besides knowledge, students can also interact with the most diverse professionals, which is crucial to their careers. I recommend it and I know I’m taking one of the best courses.

MBA in Agribusiness

The MBA USP/ESALQ surprised me in every way. Professors, technical staff, supportt, material quality, and agility. You are not good, you are the BEST!

Project Management

When I started the Marketing course at Pecege, I was already working in the area, but I was surprised by the vast amount of ideas and experiences shared by the teachers and students, I was enchanted by this universe and I will be eternally grateful to all who made it possible.


About Pecege

We are an association that encompasses initiatives with a common goal: innovating in knowledge development and dissemination. We also aim to identify the needs and present tools and solutions for the areas that move the economy and society.