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Frequently asked questions

Why are the values of international courses greater than the values of national courses?
What is the Apostille?
Can I have a student ID?
How can I get the login and password to access the intranet?
How does the Term Paper work?
Does the course provide supplementary textbooks?
What are the criteria to be approved in the course?
How does the attendance works?
Is there any discount for members of the same family?
Are there tests?
What are the required documents?
Is it possible to ask questions to the professor and/or interact with other students?
How does the Distance Education work?
Is there any discount for MBA USP/Esalq former students?
Are there in-person meetings?
Is there any discount for students who take more than one course?
What are the payment methods?
Is there any discount for partner companies?
How is the enrollment process?