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The MBA USP/Esalq provides a complete learning journey with accessible classes via app, in addition to the MBX Track, which includes career events, Term Paper support, and lots of networking at the unmissable celebration meeting, the MBA Experience.

The MBA USP/Esalq offers graduate courses with live classes and 100% online, coordinated by USP/Esalq professors. USP is the only University in Brazil in the top 100 best Universities in the world, according to QS World University Ranking, and is considered the best in Latin America.


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The MBA USP/Esalq has an international reach, present in more than 80 countries with the aim of expanding education and offering knowledge to all.

Our contents are internationalized with the help of Skylar, an AI-focused on real-time subtitling. This is just one of the features that make our courses stand out and make them more accessible.

Students’ Vision


Esalq (Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture) is the campus of USP (University of São Paulo) in Piracicaba/SP, however, its history begins long before the inauguration of the university, in 1901, when it officially began its activities as a school of agricultural teaching, under the administration of the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo. From 1934, it became part of USP as one of its founding units. Its name honors its creator, Luiz Vicente de Souza Queiroz.

In 2003, Pecege was born at Esalq/USP as an extension group and, in 2013, it became an institute with the mission of democratizing knowledge to contribute to economic, social, and cultural development. The MBA USP/Esalq is operated by Pecege through a partnership with the Support Foundation for the University of São Paulo (FUSP).


Esalq’s strong presence in the city has driven, for more than a century, all industrial and agricultural development in the region. Considered a center of excellence and competence, Esalq stands out in the production of knowledge, including being included in international indexes. In addition to expressive contributions in the field of Agricultural Sciences, Esalq is also a reference in the areas of Social, Environmental and Biological Sciences.


The campus is made up of gardens, parks, historic buildings, listed as Public Heritage, and modern infrastructure for academic and scientific activities, combining tradition with innovation. The campus in Piracicaba/SP covers a total area of 914.5 hectares and, in addition to it, there are three experimental stations belonging to Esalq, with an area of 2.9 thousand hectares, in the cities of Anhembi, Anhumas, and Itatinga.