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The educational events track is the fastest and most effective way to boost your career with the MBA USP/Esalq. Events are divided into two categories:

MBX Track: the “X” represents experience! Whenever you see the “X” it means that there will be an action with a lot of human contact, innovation, education and networking involved.

MBA Track: where we will discuss which is the best MBA according to your reality, we will help to simplify the TCC topic and provide you with all the support you need.

MBX Track

Check out the MBX track and be part of events that promote experiences for you and your career.

Event bracelet MBX Master Business Experience
Brand MBX Master Business Experience
MBX Master Business Experience

Networking event that brings together leaders and future leaders, focusing on professional and personal development. Connect, share insights and explore growth opportunities with us.

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USP obelisk in the university city
Brand MBA TOUR, an MBX experience
MBA TOUR, an MBX experience

Explore the University City of USP-SP with the MBA Tour! Enjoy experiences while getting to know the academic environment at the University of São Paulo. Discover opportunities and connect with teachers and peers.

Three students smiling together
Brand MBA DAY, an MBX experience
MBA DAY, an MBX experience

Experience MBX near you! MBA Day brings a small version of the event to where you are. Absorb knowledge and explore opportunities for professional growth in a day full of experiences.


MBA Track

See the complete track below and take the next step towards your professional future.

Woman studying for Term Paper

The Term Paper is an essential part of your journey, in which you will be accompanied by our team at all stages of creation, from choosing the topic to the final moment of the presentation.

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Man studying in video class
Brand MBA Webinars
MBA Webinars

Have you already decided to do an MBA? This event is a great next step to get the answers to your questions about our courses.

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Man defending his thesis on video call
Brand MBA Presentations
MBA Presentations

The Term Paper presentation takes place at the end of each semester for MBA graduates. It is the opportunity to show your development as a professional and present your research.

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