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Ombuds Office

We value a good experience and believe that talking is always the best solution. So, we are ready to listen to you.

  • What is the Ombuds Office?

    The MBA USP/Esalq Ombuds Office is a service channel that aims to improve the student experience and strengthen democracy between the institution and the academic community. It acts in cases that have already been dealt with by the regular channels and were not solved satisfactorily from the customers point of view.

  • How are the manifestations analyzed?

    All suggestions, compliments, complaints, or accusations are analyzed with total impartiality and independence so that the requests are attended to and receive the appropriate treatment. The Ombuds Office complies with the regulatory agencies’ standards and consumer protection laws.

  • Who can make a complaint?

    All students and those interested in the MBA USP/Esalq courses can contact the Ombud Office. We recommend that you formalize the complaint via the customer service channels and wait for the requests deadline. However, if you choose to treat the request directly via an anonymous channel, there is no restriction for you to contact the Ombuds Office directly.

  • How to submit a complaint?

    To make a complaint, you will be asked for some information so that we can handle it in a personalized way. We will need your personal contact information. The messages received will be analyzed along with the areas involved, and you will be informed by email as soon as there is a final decision.

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